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Mini Portable Video Projector
Mini Portable Video Projector
Mini Portable Video Projector

Mini Portable Video Projector

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Turn your bedroom into a cinema with our Mini Portable Video Projector. It never was so easy and enjoyable to watch your favorite shows and movies!

 Easy to use 

It connects to all different kind of devices such as cellphones and laptops. It can also be moved easily because of its small size (5 x 3.4 x 1.8 inches and weigh in at 6oz). It's easy to charge with a power bank or you can also plug it to the wall!


 Works with any device

Mini Portable Video Projector supports all the devices including HDMI, USB, AV cord, 3.5mm jack, Micro SD and TF card connections. Because it supports all the devices you can easily take it wherever you want! For example camping.

 True cinema experience

Mini Portable Video Projector has a large screen (Screen Ratio 4:3) and brightness up to 600 lumens. You can lay comfortable in your bed and place the projector up against the ceiling to watch movies. The projector performs the best when it's 0,8 - 2 meters (2,6 - 6,5 feet) from the wall/ceiling.

 Play video games with a big screen

Mini Portable Video Projector works well with video games. You can plug your console or PC into the projector and play games with a large screen and good quality. The projector has build in speaker that supports gaming!


Power cable

• Remote control

• User guide

• AV cable

• Projector

Customer Reviews

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The projector is ta very well is not pereis a 100 "snotty but maton, very happy, if you order from Spain first consult the shipment because if I didn't stop you until you assumed the difference cost between the two shipping companies is about five euros. Thank you.


Very efficient product


Great item, however had the wrong socket for Australia.


The projector is good for its money. Let's see how long it's enough. The projector is cool for its price. Expect from it super brightness and resolution is not worth it. For children to watch the cartoon in full darkness will come down